It's all simple on Fantube

Fantube is a Personal Media Platform which enables artists all over the world to surprise fans with a personal video and by doing so raising awareness and funds for a charity.

How it works

Search artist

Choose your favorite artist on the platform. In case your personal hero is missing, please let us know and we will get in contact with him|her!

Win or Buy

The artist decides if the video can be sold for a fixed price, a bidding or if you can win a video in a free GIVEAWAY or a paid Lottery.

Complete request

After completing the payment, you can fill in all necessary fan information (including a picture), so the artist can make a great personal video.

Receive video

Within the given delivery period you will receive the personal video per email.

Record fan reaction

When showing the video to the fan for the first time, make sure to record a (vertical) video of that reaction and send it back to the artist.

💪 Is your personal hero missing?

Request the artist here and we will get in touch with him/her