Our charities

We help people by connecting, collecting & converting.

Make A Wish

Make a Wish makes sure that dreams come true for children (between 3 and 18 years old) with a life-threatening disease.


The Foundation KiKa is a Dutch charity foundation that brings in fundings solely for research to childhood cancers.

War Child

Children have the right to grow up in peace, free from fear and violence. To develop their full potential and become the person they want to be. War Child is a charity that helps children affected by conflict to build a better future for both themselves and their communities. No child should be part of war. Ever.

Edwin van der Sar Foundation

The Edwin van der Sar Foundation supports people with brain damage. Through sport- and physical projects we aim to improve care and rehabilitation.

Feyenoord Foundation

Feyenoord plays a major role in society. Through the Feyenoord Foundation, societal organizations and businesses associate themselves with the social-social activities of our club.

Najib Foundation

The Najib Foundation was founded by Najib Amhali, who actively serves as an ambassador to the Najib Foundation. The foundation is committed to help vulnerable children so that they can participate in society again.

PSV Foundation

PSV wants to make a positive contribution to today's society with their foundation. In a heartfelt, committed and sincere way, PSV wants to stimulate affiliation, positively affect football and life skills.

Free a Girl

Free a Girl is dedicated to freeing young girls from forced prostitution and prosecuting the offenders. In the past 8 years we have contributed to the liberation of 3802 girls from brothels in Asia.


Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organisation that acts to change attitude and behaviour, to protect and conserve te environment and to promote peace.


A Muziekids Studio as a beating heart of the hospital. Muziekids turns a smile on the face of every sick child.



Stichting Kanjer Wens

Stichting Kanjer Wens is an Foundation who fulfil Wishes from seriously ill children or children who were seriously ill. These Wishes can be everything. Our work is done with only volunteers, nobody get paid within our Foundation.

Nationaal Fonds Kinderhulp

More than 50 years is the Nationaal Fonds Kinderhulp active in the Netherlands to fight financial poverty among children. The charity supports children with small financial benefits which are focused on practical improvements, such as organising a sport facility, small holidays, a bike or computer.

Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds

Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds is since 1987 active. The foundation is active all over the world with their Ronald McDonald houses, who provide shelter for parents and children during their stay in the hospital

Stichting Durf Te Vragen

Stichting Durf te Vragen is opgericht door Dylan Haegens, samen met zijn vriendin Marit Brugman. De stichting zet zich in om psychische problemen bij kinderen en jongeren beter bespreekbaar te maken. Hiermee willen zij jongeren met een psychisch probleem helpen en stimuleren om de eerste stap naar hulpverlening te zetten. Zelf hebben Dylan en Marit beiden ervaring met de problematiek waar de stichting zich voor inzet.

Plastic Soup Foundation

Plastic Soup Foundation has made it it’s mission to prevent plastic waste ending up in our ocean. Through fun and witty campaigns, news articles and social media, they get people aware of this massive environmental problem. Furthermore they provide educational programs for schools and they stimulate all possible innovative solutions which help tackle the causes of plastic soup at source.


UNICEF saves children’s lives, defends their rights, and helps them fulfill their potential. We never give up.